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Moss Agate Sphere G

Moss Agate Sphere G

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This beautiful Moss Agate Sphere measures 55mm and weighs 234 grams.
All spheres are shipped with a complementary resin sphere stand.

Moss agate helps us to promote forgiveness and achieve happiness. It attracts wealth, abundance, and success in our lives while stimulating personal growth. It is known to be a stone that helps us balance the energy surrounding us. Its helps to ground us and connecting us to the earth and nature. Moss agate is the Gardener Stone, and a stone of New Beginnings.
Charkas – Heart and Root
Element – Earth
Zodiac – Virgo, Leo, Gemini and Aquarius

This mineral was mined in the Gujarat region of India. It was cut, carved and polished by a family owned shop in India.


Exact item pictured. Crystals are formed naturally, so each is unique


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